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Certified Health Coach

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Since 2017 I have been supporting my clients, both busy men and women in their 40s and beyond to navigate life's challenges, be it stress, family/work/life balance, or time management. As a certified Health Coach, I use a variety of techniques including positive psychology and motivational interviewing.


Health coaching is the practice of supporting clients, giving them agency so they achieve their health-related goals.
Incorporating evidence-based health behaviour change interventions and techniques from behavioural medicine research literature, positive psychology, health and coaching psychology, and athletic and performance coaching.
It can be used in health promotion, prevention, early intervention, treatment and management of chronic conditions.
Using the Transtheoretical Model, health coaching identifies the patient’s stage of change, guiding clients to take stage-appropriate actions to increase confidence or importance and therefore moving clients towards readiness.
Health coaching supports patients to build self-determination and self-efficacy – the belief that one has the capability to initiate and sustain the desired behaviour. Motivation is generated by supporting patients to evoke their own compelling reasons for change and articulate a clear vision of their health goals. Deci and Ryan’s self-determination theory of motivation is applied through fostering autonomy, competence and relatedness and linking clients to intrinsic motivators.
Once the client is ready to change, they are encouraged to have a curious and flexible mindset of trial and correction, learning, growth and compassion as they are guided towards their goals while connecting to their values and vision. The health coaching process encourages self-reflection, self-awareness, self-regulation and positivity. Clients are supported to build confidence, focusing on strengths as they learn from past failures and successes to overcome barriers and increase facilitators for change. Behaviour change is more likely to be maintained when goals are self-determined, as clients are motivated to take action and invested in the result.



I'm a mother of two beautiful girls, 11 and 14. Both girls are very active with sports and friends. Living between Newcastle and the Northern Beaches gives us the best of both worlds.

Being diagnosed with coeliac and type 1 diabetes after each of my pregnancies pushed me towards wanting to help others overcome obstacles that can be overwhelming at times.   I have struggled with anxiety after being diagnosed with 2 chronic health conditions and often felt overwhelmed.  I get great satisfaction from helping clients through tricky times and offering perspective.

I’ve been a fully-certified Health Coach since 2017. I specialise in creating personalised plans and providing tools and resources to guide, support, and assist you in achieving your goals.

The essence of my work is to discover your intrinsic motivators by helping you identify your mind, body and life strengths so that we can harness them.  

Modern-day disconnection and anxiety coupled with not being sure about where you are headed in life can feel overwhelming.   Having a clear path with small, manageable goals will have an immediate positive effect.  



Supporting you to create new habits through planning and behaviour change. 

In our early sessions, we look into how everything we do is connected; Through conversation, we uncover and develop the areas you would like to improve both short-term and long-term. We do this by goal setting using your strengths and coaching tools. Together we are improving your life quality through a personalised program, e.g. sleep improvement, stress management, time management, etc.

We know we need to make healthy lifestyle changes to support our bodies and minds, but the how-to is difficult.  Or if you do begin with a change, how do you maintain the change for long enough to make it part of your lifestyle, make it a habit?

A health coach helps you excel at your health and lifestyle: always supporting you to actively maintain your health and wellness goals.

Life coaching


Not everyone has the same needs. It’s hard to find two people who benefit from the same approach. Let’s get to know each other and together make a plan for you.

Online meeting


An alternative option for our consultation is online on various platforms.


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Rachael supports stressed men and women over 40 to re-evaluate and redefine their life so they are ready for the next chapter.


Do you feel like your life is on repeat, day in day out? 

Do you feel that you are perpetually stressed and overwhelmed?
Perhaps you are not sure what the next chapter in life will be or even what it is you actually desire. 

Then yes, coaching is for you.


Rachael will bring clarity to your life by using coaching and positive psychology tools which provide you with a fresh perspective.  Your life will change for the better through behavioural change.


As your coach, my role is to both facilitate and support your goals as well as identify any barriers hindering you from achieving your desired results.  You complete a questionnaire prior to our first session, giving us the foundation to work with.


Rachael helped me to keep accountable and focused while showing myself grace during the lull of my twenties.  I still think about goal setting using the methods I learned.

Social Worker

Rachael's empathy and ability to guide me to real solutions for life/work/home balance is a gift. I  highly recommend her to anyone wanting to engender a beautiful and positive change in their life.


Rachael took the heavy, jumbled mess in my head, untangled it and made it all make sense. I left the sessions with specific action plans that made it easy to move out of my mess.

Film Director


locations: Northern Beaches, Sydney & Newcastle

mobile: 0408 246 222

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